Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Tweets and Sweethearts go together!!!

The SweetHeart Award goes to Andra Stoker!

About Andra:
"I am the owner of Sweet Tweets Boutique. What started as a fun little hobby has turned into a successful business! I am a stay at home mom to my beautiful little Whitney and I'm a step mom to the most wonderful step daughter Elle. I'm married to an amazing guy that makes me smile everyday. My boutiques give me a way to release my creative juices and lets me put some extra money aside for a very expensive IVF! It's worth every penny to me. Nothing is more rewarding than having giggles fill your home. I'm so lucky!"

Boutique Frenzy gives a BIG THANK YOU to Andra Stoker of Sweet Tweets Boutique! Andra was one of the first Boutique Promoters to pass out the Boutique Frenzy flyers at her shows and to this day is still making Boutique Frenzy part of all the Sweet Tweets Boutiques. We have enjoyed getting to know Andra and her vendors. Andra makes everyone feel very welcome and always has fabulous vendors and awesome locations. The Sweet Tweets Boutique is holding it's last Spring show this weekend. If you haven't attended a Sweet Tweets boutique yet, now is the time! Get out this Friday and Saturday and have some fun and see what all of the excitement is all about!

You can contact Andra:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This One's For You Jen!

The SweetHeart Award goes to Jen Morton of Tinkerbear Boutique!

When I think SweetHeart, Jen Morton definitely comes to mind! Wow, where do I start? Jen was the first boutique promoter that I contacted to start promoting Boutique Frenzy and was basically the one that inspired the Travelogue Blog and the SweetHeart Award! Jen carries our flyers with her wherever she goes telling everyone about us, has invited us to all of her shows from day one to promote BoutiqueFrenzy.com, and is constantly giving us new ideas and info about new shows. We feel honored to know her and to be able to work with her in this boutique industry. Jen has a big heart, loves to help others and has most definitely gotten into the Boutique Frenzy!

A little bit more about Jen...

" Tinker Bear was started a few years ago by my mother and I . The name comes from her love of bears, and my love of Tinker Bell, or anything Disney. We attempted a few boutiques, and it didn't last long. In July of 2008, I was spotted wearing a creation of my own, and had compliments on it. At that point, I thought, why not make clothing to sell? So I did. I bought a heat press and began. Children's, men's and women's clothing. From there it has gone to jewelry, hats, purses, things purchased and resold, you name it."
"What I get the most pleasure, and stress the same from, is putting on the boutiques. Last year, the market was hard to get into a show, or there were no shows to participate in, so I figured, if I can't find the work, CREATE IT! I started boutiquing, meeting other women with the same goals, same needs and ideas, and from there, started my own shows. I enjoy helping my vendors, whether it be with their blogs ( Desert Diamond Co. ), or doing ads for them, ( Usborne Books), maybe a little word of mouth, or adding links to my site.
I really believe that we can all help each other out in some way or another, and further more, WE SHOULD!"
"I have come across many people in this business, un willing to give an idea, give a lead, or even just help a little, and I really thought , better yet, I expected more from all of us! Without each other, we are nothing. So, now, I am planning more and more each day. A job that started off in my basement spending countless hours making clothes, has now become a 40 hr. work week, planning boutiques, helping other vendors, sending out leads, and just taking it all in."

"I am lucky enough to have my family support me, and friends. You frequently see my children, Braxton and Brynlee, and my wonderful husband Joe, at all of my shows. In fact, I have done one show with a sitter, and everyone went crazy asking where the kids were? Geez, do you only like me for them? I have been married to Joe for 10 yrs. this year. He owns a construction business that back in 1997, I helped him get started, and then 11 yrs. later, he was helping me do the same. My kids enjoy all of the women and the attention they get at these shows, and most of my greatest friends are those I have met through boutiquing. I couldn't be more blessed in my life, with a lot of supportive people entering my life daily."

"My goal is to get mine and other vendor's names and products out there. I feel very strongly that I have the best vendors out there, their products are great, and so are the people running the booths. These people, work very hard, and spend weekends putting up and tearing down huge displays, and a lot of them aren't doing it just for the money, but for the love of the whole world of boutiques."

"I am planning a few more shows for this year, and am hoping that attendance gets better each time. I want to help other women achieve their goals, and be able to bring in some income into their homes. I too, was a stay at home mom, and wasn't able to contribute, and so I know first hand, and feel the power, the greatness, to do even the littlest, to help in our home."
Things about Jen:
1. Is massively in love with her family
2, Is an avid animal lover( 5 cats, 2 dogs, 1 turtle, and more to come)
3. Finds great joy in supporting local causes, and charities
4. Enjoys helping other women succeed in life and meet their own goals
5. Loves the outdoors, and motorcross-supercross
6. Can play the piano- sometimes!
7. Loves heavy metal-classical and everything in between. Listen to my ring tones at a show, you will see
8. Most of the time, I would rather do it, or create it myself, and enjoy the challenge!
9. Loves everyone, whether they are straight, gay, black, white, loud, quiet, short tall, catholic, LDS, I love all people!
10. Loves her job and those she works with, and especially those she works CLOSE with!

Jen Morton
Tinker Bear Boutique
Jen always has great boutiques! You can find Jen's stuff next at the:
Backyard Boutique
( Mumzeys)
June 4, 5, 6
694 No. 500 E.
Lindon , Ut

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The SweetHeart Award goes to Pamela Denicke

Not only has Pamela Denicke been very generous and kind in helping us with Boutique Frenzy, she also spends her time helping single mothers pursue their educational dreams. We met this true SweetHeart at the What a Woman Wants show back in March. Pamela was so much fun to talk to and it has been apparent to us that she really LOVES helping others. Pamela Denicke is the Education Program Manager for the Single Mom Foundation, dedicated in "Helping single moms pursue their educational dreams." The SMF is committed to improving the lives of single moms and their families by helping them develop long-term self-reliance through education.

Boutique Frenzy wants to help Pam by letting all single mothers know that The Single Mom Foundation now helps single moms through the process of going to school in an informative ‘How To’ workshop!

Attending a FREE workshop will help a single mom to:

There will be 3 workshops per month on campuses of their educational partners from applied technology colleges to 2- and 4-year colleges and universities beginning this month through November. SMF is very excited about the opportunity to be able to interact with single moms and actually walk them through their Education Resource website. For more information please go to www.singlemomfoundation.org or contact Pamela directly at pam@singlemomfoundation.org!

Boutique Frenzy looks forward to supporting the Single Mom Foundation in their efforts to help single mothers.

We give a big THANK YOU to Pamela for all that you do! Thanks for helping us share what we do and for helping women everywhere make their dreams come true too!

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