Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Molly Call and Noelle Olpin Earn the SweetHeart Award!

Back in April, Noelle Olpin and Molly Call were very helpful in getting the Boutique Frenzy name to their awesome vendors and fan base at the Beehive Bazaar. You have got to go to the next Beehive Bazaar! One of the best for sure! We loved looking(and buying) at the all of the wonderful handmade products. This is the event to attend to find the most unique and creative handmade items! We had a blast and Noelle and Molly were very fun to work with and very helpful in helping Boutique Frenzy achieve much success!

The following is taken from
"The Beehive Bazaar has become all-the-buzz in Utah every spring and winter when they showcase the independent designs, arts, crafts and edibles of more than 50 trend-setting local artists. The Bazaar touts a hand-selected inventory of unique, quality and most importantly, to-die-for handmade goods including jewelry, paintings, bags, glass, vinyl, paper, clothing and accessories as well as couture cupcakes, jams, cookies, caramels and treats. This is in no way your mother’s craft boutique."


Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Boutique Frenzy Sweet Heart!

Angie Kirby is very deserving of our SweetHeart Award! Angie is one of the first vendors we met at the Simply Chic Boutique. We were amazed at her line of handmade products...very talented lady! A few weeks later, Angie emailed me with enthusiasm wanting to help us any way she could. She has hooked us up with Consign Design, a store open Mon-Sat from 10-6 on 3556 South and 5600 West in West Valley City,UT. Angie sells her products in Consign Design and has helped us get in touch with the owner to help both of our businesses grow! Consign Design hands out our promotional materials. Look on our Show & Tell page next week for a full write-up on Consign Design!

Angie Kirby is one of Boutique Frenzy's amazing fans and can't wait for the Fall launch of our amazing website to display and sell her products. Look for Angie this Saturday at the Street Fair for Vets on 50 North Church Street in American Fork UT from 12-8pm. Angie is a proud sponsor of The Little Red Box game and will be displaying this game in her booth on Saturday!

Angie makes and sells the cutest handmade gifts...Check out her website to see!

Angie has been great to work with and we love her excitement and involvement with the Boutique and Art industry!

Thanks so much Angie! You are a Sweet Heart!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SweetHeart Award goes to EMILY CUSHING of GIVE AWAY TODAY!

Emily is a woman after our own heart! She has put together the coooolest blog devoted to promoting small business! Every day M-F, cool products and services are given away by some great companies! If you have not visited Give Away Today, your crazy! :)No, you just don't know what your missing, so you better click on the link now! (Make sure you come back to finish reading about what a Sweet Heart Emily is).

Okay, so now that you've had a chance to visit Give Away Today, you need to know that Boutique Frenzy is now featured on Give Away Today on the sidebar because Emily was very very kind to us and wants to see Boutique Frenzy succeed. We have had a lot of traffic on because of Give Away Today, and we want to say THANK YOU TO EMILY FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP! WE LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND CAN'T WAIT TO GIVE AWAY BOUTIQUE FRENZY SERVICES WHEN WE LAUNCH IN THE FALL!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quinn Curtis of is a Sweetheart!

Quinn Curtis, CEO/Owner/Manager/Founder, has been so kind in offering her support and help to make a successful Boutique Frenzy launch! We are glad to have met her and are excited to give her the
Boutique Frenzy Sweetheart Award
Being the creator of her own web-based business, she immediately connected with us at the What a Woman Wants show back in April. Since that time we have exchanged buttons on our websites, and she has invited us to be a apart of her conference for July 16th called "Moms Who Make It: Empowering Creativity in Life & Business. We are excited to be able to network at this conference with the mothers that attend and work together with Quinn to see how we can help each other in our efforts to support small businesses & boutique products.

If you have not checked out, do so today! Everything in their store is 100% created by Moms! The following excerpt is taken from

"Motherhood is truly divine, but it can be difficult to remember that while covered in spit up, drowning in dirty dishes & stressing over making ends meet. Often moms start their own businesses as a way to have more time at home with their families.

The chic boutique is a classy place for moms to sell the products they have created, while also enjoying the famous Mom-Vendor Discount (20% off any other item in the boutique!). began with the perfect recipe of 50% inspiration & 50% desperation. After watching many friends make fabulous products & then start their own businesses Quinn Curtis had a brilliant idea: open an online store that makes it easier for moms to sell & buy each other's products, making a one-stop shop for consumers to also support moms & their creations.

Thanks to the support of her INCREDIBLE husband & AMAZING family & friends, the idea evolved into reality.

Quinn named her company "Divine Mama" because she wanted the divinity in motherhood to be a paramount reminder in whatever the company was involved in. From this company came the Chic Boutique & the website Both of these sites have been built during naptime, in the early hours of the morning before her kids wake up & late nights after her kids have been tucked in."

Come on! Give it up for Quinn! What an amazing person and awesome advocate of woman and small business. Thanks for all of your help and support Quinn! We look forward to working with you into the future!

Monday, June 1, 2009

This SweetHeart is Heartlinked!

The SweetHeart Award goes to Cindee Johnson!!! This Woman is awesome! We met her at our very first show at the Simply Chic Boutique in Riverton. She was so interested in what we had to tell her about Boutique Frenzy and was the first to tell me all about the Heart Link Network, a community for woman to network and share their businesses! Cindee invited me to attend one of the Heartlink Meetings, but before we were able to attend, she became the Herriman Heart Link Network Area Coordinator! So, now I get to be a guest at her personal meetings and share Boutique Frenzy with all who attend! Pretty awesome I must say! She has helped Boutique Frenzy tremendously. You all saw her give away a $100 Cookie Lee Jewelry package last week! What you don't know is that I asked her to donate the same day I posted her prize.

She said,
"Hi Melissa, Just got your email and yes I'd be happy to donate a prize! I will work on it and get something to you soon!

She got me the info within a couple of hours! Amazing! What a great friend and true SweetHeart! Thanks Cindee for getting into the FRENZY and helpig everyone to do the same!

If you are a WOMAN and would like the opportunity to network and share your business and talents, please check out the Heart Link Network. Contact Cindee:

Cindee Johnson
Herriman Area Coordinator
The Heartlink Network
Sr. Consultant
Cookie Lee Jeweley

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