Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SweetHeart Award goes to EMILY CUSHING of GIVE AWAY TODAY!

Emily is a woman after our own heart! She has put together the coooolest blog devoted to promoting small business! Every day M-F, cool products and services are given away by some great companies! If you have not visited Give Away Today, your crazy! :)No, you just don't know what your missing, so you better click on the link now! (Make sure you come back to finish reading about what a Sweet Heart Emily is).

Okay, so now that you've had a chance to visit Give Away Today, you need to know that Boutique Frenzy is now featured on Give Away Today on the sidebar because Emily was very very kind to us and wants to see Boutique Frenzy succeed. We have had a lot of traffic on www.BoutiqueFrenzy.com because of Give Away Today, and we want to say THANK YOU TO EMILY FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP! WE LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND CAN'T WAIT TO GIVE AWAY BOUTIQUE FRENZY SERVICES WHEN WE LAUNCH IN THE FALL!

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