Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quinn Curtis of is a Sweetheart!

Quinn Curtis, CEO/Owner/Manager/Founder, has been so kind in offering her support and help to make a successful Boutique Frenzy launch! We are glad to have met her and are excited to give her the
Boutique Frenzy Sweetheart Award
Being the creator of her own web-based business, she immediately connected with us at the What a Woman Wants show back in April. Since that time we have exchanged buttons on our websites, and she has invited us to be a apart of her conference for July 16th called "Moms Who Make It: Empowering Creativity in Life & Business. We are excited to be able to network at this conference with the mothers that attend and work together with Quinn to see how we can help each other in our efforts to support small businesses & boutique products.

If you have not checked out, do so today! Everything in their store is 100% created by Moms! The following excerpt is taken from

"Motherhood is truly divine, but it can be difficult to remember that while covered in spit up, drowning in dirty dishes & stressing over making ends meet. Often moms start their own businesses as a way to have more time at home with their families.

The chic boutique is a classy place for moms to sell the products they have created, while also enjoying the famous Mom-Vendor Discount (20% off any other item in the boutique!). began with the perfect recipe of 50% inspiration & 50% desperation. After watching many friends make fabulous products & then start their own businesses Quinn Curtis had a brilliant idea: open an online store that makes it easier for moms to sell & buy each other's products, making a one-stop shop for consumers to also support moms & their creations.

Thanks to the support of her INCREDIBLE husband & AMAZING family & friends, the idea evolved into reality.

Quinn named her company "Divine Mama" because she wanted the divinity in motherhood to be a paramount reminder in whatever the company was involved in. From this company came the Chic Boutique & the website Both of these sites have been built during naptime, in the early hours of the morning before her kids wake up & late nights after her kids have been tucked in."

Come on! Give it up for Quinn! What an amazing person and awesome advocate of woman and small business. Thanks for all of your help and support Quinn! We look forward to working with you into the future!

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  1. OMGosh!!! I'm completely flattered by this feature! Truly, so kind of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! xoxo



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